Promesses EP

Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor

Promesses EP

Released 04 January 2015

Originally picked up via A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold imprint in 2013, the pair combine to great effect on ‘Promesses’, a single that has been revamped for 2014 with newly-worked vocal edits and polished bass licks giving the track a fresh dose of definitive crossover appeal.

Lucidly simple in it’s construction as all good dance records should be, Taylor’s distinct vocal textures compliment deep, thick-edged bass and shimmering atmospheric layers, whilst timely instrumental breakdowns allow for the track’s undeniable swing and energy to really make it’s impact felt.

‘Promesses’ serves as the perfect introduction to the talents of Tchami and Taylor, and, given the unprecedented reception the track has already received online, feels ready to launch both as two future stars of electronic music.