Tieks ft Dan Harkna


Tieks Sunshine Ft. Dan-Harka
Released 01 July 2016

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Upon hearing "Sunshine", you may be rightly inclined to think you’ve just discovered your favorite unearthed house or garage gem. The mastermind behind this fresh faced offering however is none other than London producer-come-songwriter TIEKS, his inaugural single on Ministry of Sound, albeit making it no less likely to become a quintessential summer jam.

"Sunshine" brings his gift for songwriting and production from behind the studio desk to the very forefront. Featuring an impossibly addictive, uplifting and timeless vocal refrain (introducing new talent Dan Harkna), breezy Balearic piano chords and a groove as undeniable as any you’re likely to come across this summer, ‘Sunshine’ is a much needed shot of elegant modern dance music with a classic sensibility.