Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix)


Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix)

Imany - Don't Be So Shy (Filatov & Karas Remix)
Released 13 June 2016

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The sound of the summer has officially landed, in the form of IMANY’S undeniable smash record ‘Don’t Be So Shy’, which has been re-sculpted by Moscow’s dynamic electro-duo Filatov & Karas and charted at #1 in numerous countries!

The infectious crossover track is a captivating offering from Imany, the Parisian multi-platinum selling artist, who has gained global success and continues her trajectory into UK territory.

Filatov & Karas (Dmitry Filatov & Alex Osokin) are songwriters, electronic music producers and DJ’s from Moscow.

The collective teamed up in 2012 after more than a decade of separate projects, and in 2015, the Filatov & Karas Remix of "The Good, The Bad and The Crazy" by Imany took the top spot in the iTunes Chart and went Platinum in Russia. The follow up remix of "Don't Be So Shy" also achieved Platinum status and garnered strong international radio support. In September 2015 it entered the Shazam Worldwide Top 50.

This Remix became a Number 1 hit in Russia, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Kazakhstan, amongst many other territories. Radio support in the UK is already healthy, with key support from Radio 1, Kiss Fresh and Capital.

‘Don’t Be So Shy’ is set to dominate both the airwaves and dance floors throughout the summer, as well as infiltrating playlists and clubs throughout Europe.