Evolution of Man


Evolution of Man

Released 19 November 2012

As evolutions go, that of London rapper Example - from cheeky curiosity to chart-topping darling of UK dance - has been miraculous. As if to prove the point, that with smart lyrics and a massive chorus he can do anything, his fourth album adds gothic rock and '80s new romanticism to his EDM/rap mix.

Yet while the opening guitar mosh of 'Come Taste the Rainbow' is clearly intended to warn the faithful to brace for change, they needn't panic—his instinct for danceable drama make the album's clash of metallic grinds, euphoric synths and Adam Ant-ish pouting sound exactly like the future of clubbing.

Calvin Harris adds extra sheen to 'We'll Be Coming Back' just to be sure, but there was no need. So sharp is Example's pop instinct, even the title track's sentimental sway feels epic.– Dan Gennoe, Google Play