Alex Gaudino


Italian DJ and record producer who brought us 2007's "Destination Calabria"

In 2007, Alex Gaudino released his massive crossover hit "Destination Calabria", a track that had gained a cult following as a bootleg and went on to become a top 5 hit in the UK after getting a full release via Data Records/Ministry of Sound Recordings.

2008's follow up, "Watch Out" made the UK top 20 and dominated charts around Europe and Asia. Alex was back in 2010, with another hit, "I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)",  definitively proving that he's one of the most successful crossover dance producers in recent years. 

Most recently, Alex teamed up with Kelly Rowland for 2011's top 10 banger "What A Feeling"; a stomping serving of euphoria that had every dancefloor in Ibiza jumping.