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The gym will be closing its doors to its public classes on October 26th to team up with our sister venue, The Ministry. If you would like to find out more about this, please email

All credits purchased are to be used by 26th October. If you cannot use the credits from a package within that time, please reduce the size of the package before purchasing.

Yep, a sweat towel will be waiting for you in our fabulous studio or you can rent our big fluffy towels for £1 but feel free to bring your own from home. 

Our amazing fitness guru created all of our workouts to be suitable for all abilities. It doesn’t matter if the closest you’ve come to eating clean is drinking a beer in the shower (why not?), all of our coaches will push you to achieve your goals. 

We are too aware of the pressures to be wearing all the latest gym gear but that’s not what we’re about. Just come wearing whatever you feel comfortable working out in but remember, please bring your trainers. 

Obviously, if you have an ongoing injury, it’s important to tell your coach before the class so they can adapt your exercises if necessary. If you feel unwell during a class, tell the coach immediately – it’s time to cool down and grab some water.

We accommodate anything worth celebrating, so if it's your birthday, you just passed your exams or you fancy a few with your teammates, email to organise.

Yes! We've got showers in both changing rooms as well as hair dryers and straighteners. If you've forgotten anything, just ask a member of the team and we should hopefully be able to help.

If you've left anything in the studio, changing areas or bar, the team will make a note of it and it will be kept for 2 weeks. All unassigned property will be forwarded to a charity or disposed of. Ministry of Sound Fitness cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of property. Contact the team at

We have a water fountain and you can also buy cans of water from front of house.

Find Us

Ministry of Sound Fitness
Arches 80-81
Newington Court
London, SE1 6DD

020 7740 8721

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