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FUTURE presents STEVE AOKI (Day Party)

The Box

  1. Steve Aoki
  2. Ryan Spicer b2b Medcraft b2b Sweiz
  3. TAIM
  4. Ryan C
  5. Daddy Russell b2b Machina


  1. Ryan Spicer
  2. Medcraft
  3. Sweiz
  4. Kruel Intentions
  5. Machina
  6. J.Masaki b2b Kim Sane

Baby Box

  1. Sweiz
  2. Dusker
  3. Costax
  4. MJE
  5. Mike 37
  6. Luca Testa
  7. Karlheinz
  8. Masenzolo
  9. Tava
  10. Amyss

The Loft

  1. Devrim Gundaz
  2. Justin Credible
  3. Balko Musik
  4. James Foxx
  5. Seebeat
  6. Cassius Holland b2b Joey T

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