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AWOL returns for our only club night of 2023 on Saturday 7th, October at Ministry Of Sound from 9 pm until 6 am
Four rooms of Jungle, Drum & Bass, House & Garage.

The Box

  1. David ‘RamJam’ Rodigan
  2. Micky Finn & MC Fearless
  3. Randall & MC GQ
  4. Kenny Ken & Moose
  5. Darren Jay & 2SHY
  6. Brockie & Det
  7. Uncle Dugs
  8. DR S Gachet


  1. Amplify & Swifta
  2. Logan D
  3. Critical Impact & Yzer
  4. Mrs Magoo

Baby Box

  1. Ritchie Fingers
  2. Roy The Roach

The Loft

  1. DJ Luck & MC Neat
  2. DJ Fen & Kofi B

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VIP Bookings

The same late-night feelings, elevated. Ministry of Sound VIP packages give you weekends you’ll never forget with the best sound system on Earth. You and your friends can cherry-pick your own elite drinks package, get the best view from the balcony, and skip to the front of the queue. Come out to play.

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