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Groove Odyssey 14th Birthday w/ Louie Vega

The Box

  1. Louie Vega (3 Hour set)
  2. Monique Bingham - Live
  3. Bobby & Steve
  4. Sean McCabe
  5. Lifford - Live


  1. The Journey Men
  2. Hallex M
  3. Billy Cocks
  4. Sol Brown
  5. DJ Anton
  6. Davide Fioresse

Baby Box

  1. DJ Bigger
  2. Sammy Confuktion
  3. Colin Williams
  4. DJ Butch
  5. Paul Bozak Morrissey

The Loft

  1. Omotosho
  2. Miss Ray
  3. Groover Washington
  4. DJ Murrell
  5. DC10
  6. The House Poet
  7. Hosted by Mr Buzzard

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