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FUTURE & GTFO presents Flux Pavilion & Zomboy

Time to welcome back the Bass Titan Flux Pavilion and the Dubstep King Zomboy, alongside our special guest Sikdope we are bringing you the best bass night in town!

The Box (Dubstep/EDM)

  1. Flux Pavilion
  2. Zomboy
  3. Sikdope
  4. Duckworth Ft. Dread MC
  5. One Punch

103 (EDM)

  1. Messed Up
  2. Ryan Spicer
  3. Zen
  4. Templah B2B KlumzyKhemist
  5. SYN LDN Showcase
  6. Gurnzilla (Ergh)

Baby Box

  1. Sikora
  2. Mad Dubz
  3. Aimless
  4. Baitz
  5. Citywlkr
  6. Miracle

The Loft

  1. Ragla
  2. Greg Gusto
  3. Klas
  4. Callum Beal
  5. Just Alex
  6. Bandicoot

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