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FUTURE presents Halloween: Carnival of Sound

The Box (Bass)

  1. SaSaSaS
  2. Natty Lou
  3. Siren
  4. ATAC
  5. Junk Mail

103 (hosted by Pukka Up)

  1. Damon Hess
  2. Dayl
  3. Ryan Spicer
  4. Joe Wilson
  5. Perry Martin
  6. Be Like Butter
  7. Lucy Jane
  8. Morgan Kasiera

Baby Box (hosted by Garage Shared)

  1. Bitr8
  2. DJ Jackum
  3. Deja
  4. Rich Ellis
  5. Bvnquet

The Loft (Hip-Hop)

  1. Teddy Lewis (all night long)

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