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FUTURE x Eden presents Ben Santiago & Lovely Laura

The Box (hosted by WNDRLND)

  1. Ben Santiago & Lovely Laura
  2. Product of Us
  3. Ryan Spicer B2B Joe Wilson
  4. Perry Martin B2B Paisley Jensen
  5. TCTS
  6. Majestic

103 (hosted by Void x Heavensent)

  1. Solo Suspex
  2. Fabric8
  3. Craig Chatt
  4. Ryan Kinning
  5. Kurt Grizz

Baby Box (hosted by Made)

  1. Aimee Stewart
  2. Katy Kennedy
  3. Zak Simpson
  4. Ross Hislop
  5. Lewis Jardine

The Loft (Hip-Hop & Urban)

  1. Teddy Lewis (all night long)

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