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Halloween Weekender Part 2

  2. Brian Summers
  3. Griff B2B Jimmy Switch
  4. Itty
  5. Nualah
  6. Owen Westlake
  7. Ozzie Guven
  8. Saigon
  9. Sam Lowe B2B Siggy Smalls
  10. Sarah Bo
  11. Secret Special Guest
  12. The Menendez Brothers

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The same late-night feelings, elevated. Ministry of Sound VIP packages give you weekends you’ll never forget with the best sound system on Earth. You and your friends can cherry-pick your own elite drinks package, get the best view from the balcony, and skip to the front of the queue. Come out to play.

Do you want to play a game?

This Halloween Ministry of Sound invites you to take on the gruesome game! Expect jump-suited henchmen, gory installations, deadly games and evil beats. 

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