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Three Decades of Dance

The Box

  1. Paul Oakenfold
  2. Justin Berkmann
  3. Jazzy M
  4. Jimmy Switch
  5. Griff


  1. Lovra
  2. Ryan Winters
  3. Matt Francey
  4. Jack Monti

Baby Box

  1. Rivah
  2. Sarah Bo

The Loft

  1. The Menendez Brothers
  2. Elijah Bailey

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The same late-night feelings, elevated. Ministry of Sound VIP packages give you weekends you’ll never forget with the best sound system on Earth. You and your friends can cherry-pick your own elite drinks package, get the best view from the balcony, and skip to the front of the queue. Come out to play.


Inspired by New York’s cavernous house venues, our home was a derelict bus garage in South London. The first night had no alcohol, three flashing lights, moody security and unless you knew the names of at least half a dozen Chicago house DJs, you were never getting through the menacing, prison-like, gates.

Since then, Ministry of Sound has grown into one of the biggest electronic music brands in the world. Taking in an incredibly successful record label, global touring brand and most of all, cementing our London club as the most famous nightclub in the world.

Continuing with our year-long 30th anniversary celebrations, this November we're inviting you to an exclusive event that will showcase the biggest tracks from THREE DECADES OF DANCE.

Join us for a night of non-stop bangers, starting with the early days of acid house, all the way up to the floor-fillers of the 2020s


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