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Groove Odyssey: 12th Birthday

The Box

  1. Dave Lee
  2. India - live
  3. DJ Spen
  4. Bobby & Steve


  1. Atjazz
  2. Sol Brown
  3. Billy Cocks
  4. David Bailey bday set
  5. David Fiorese bday set
  6. Funkie P

Baby Box

  1. DJ Bigger
  2. Lloyd Life
  3. Mr Buzzhard
  4. Paul Morrissey
  5. Colin Williams

The Loft - Hosted by House FM

  1. Omotosho
  2. Miss Ray
  3. Steve Macca
  4. Freddie Bad
  5. Groover Washington
  6. House Poet
  7. DJ Replay

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It's been 21 months since Groove Odyssey last took over Ministry of Sound, so to say we're excited to have them return to celebrate their 12th birthday is an understatement.

Saturday the 27th of November will mark 12 years since the birth of Groove Odyssey, we're proud to have watched it grow into being established as the UK's premier Soulful House night.

Groove Odyssey are masters at putting on events worldwide at the highest level, and their 12th birthday will be no exception as they bring you some heavyweight DJs from the House music arena.

Joining us on the night will be the Legendary Dave Lee from Z records and from Quantize the mighty DJ Spen, residents Bobby & Steve, Atjazz, Billy Cocks, Sol Brown, DJ Bigger, Lloyd Life, Mr Buzzhard, and Miss Rae with birthday sets from David Bailey & Davide Fiorese + many more artist over four rooms of music.

We are elated to announce an exclusive UK performance from the mighty India, performing live on stage all her well-loved hits to top off the celebrations.


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