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28th Birthday Part 1: Faithless DJ Set

The Box

  1. Faithless (DJ Set)
  2. Danny Tenaglia
  3. Youngr (live)
  4. Justin Berkmann
  5. Gaunt Street Steppers: Remi & Mad Fancy


  1. Mood II Swing
  2. Griff
  3. Sean Bradford (Live PA)
  4. Gaunt Street Steppers: Remi & Mad Fancy

Baby Box: Hosted by Whitepark

  1. Telomic
  2. Lothum
  3. Franklin
  4. Hecha
  5. Matt Lally
  6. Hosted by: Bazil MC

The Loft: Hosted by La Rosa

  1. Gian-Paul
  2. Grant Richards
  3. Junior
  4. Leon La Rosa

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If God really is a DJ, then he's going to fucking love this one. The mighty Faithless will return to The Box for a DJ set worthy of the room's colossal sound system. Joining Faithless will be very special guest, Danny Tenaglia. Danny is one of the most respected selectors in the game, so you know the dancefloor is in safe hands.


Ministry of Sound founder, Justin Berkmann, will once again take control of the room he built from the ground up. Nobody knows quite how to work that room like Justin.

Rounding out our all-star main room lineup will be a live set from the immensely talented Youngr. His renditions of dance anthems have racked up millions of views online and are the perfect way to kickstart what will be a massive night of breathtaking music.


Over in 103 we've got verified house legends Mood II Swing alongside Mixmag's most mysterious columnist, The Secret DJ. Rising talent Sean Bradford will debut his unique live show / DJ set hybrid. Finally, our very own Gaunt Street Steppers, in the form of Remi and Mad Fancy, will be kicking things off with an extended B2B set.

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