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28th Birthday Part 2: DJ Harvey All Night

The Box

  1. DJ Harvey (All Night Long)

Hosted By Feelings

  1. Space Dimension Controller
  2. DJ Alfredo
  3. The Menendez Brothers
  4. Brian Summers
  5. Payfone
  6. The Iron Glove

Baby Box: Hosted by Feelings Friends

  1. Arno Lemons
  2. Dane Bradshaw
  3. Keith Lorraine
  4. Ollie Sharipo x AKA Juan

The Loft: Hosted by Mercury Lounge

  1. Camilo Miranda
  2. Dirty Dave

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

It's our fucking birthday and we'll have two parties if we want to. Ministry of Sound's 28th Birthday will be taking in two amazing weekends of music. So put on your party hats and dancing shoes and get down to SE1 for a birthday belter.

One of the very first Ministry of Sound residents, DJ Harvey, makes his triumphant return to the club to celebrate 28 years of pioneering dance music. He'll be taking control of The Box all night long, for one of his trademark sonic journeys.

Over in 103 we've got the incredibly talented Space Dimension Controller. The Belfast trailblazer has a singularly unique take on DJing that always surprises. Joining him is one of the DJs that started it all. DJ Alfredo basically invented the sound we now know as balearic. There isn't a DJ in the country that doesn't owe some inspiration to Alfredo. Rounding out an amazing night of music our club residents, The Menendez Brothers will be tearing up the 103 alongside Feelings resident, Bryan Summers, and a debut from Payphone.

The Baby Box welcomes friends of Feelings in the form of Kala Festival residents, Ollie Sharipo x AKA Juan. DJ Harvey himself has sorted out The Loft, by bringing over his friends from the world-famous Pikes Ibiza. Camilo Miranda and Dirty Dave will be bringing the sounds of Ibiza's best party to SE1.

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