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Day of the Dead: Jonas Blue

The Box

  1. Jonas Blue
  2. M-22
  3. TCTS
  4. Melon Bomb


  1. Punctual
  2. Just Kiddin
  3. Alex Anderson
  4. Ryan Spicer
  5. David Curnow

Baby Box: Hosted by HD Life

  1. HD Life DJ's

The Loft: Hosted by Xposed Events

  1. Ryan Spicer B2B Kevin B
  2. Carnao Beats
  3. Chris Jones B2B Midlands Magic B2B DeeCee

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

Jonas Blue returns to Ministry of Sound to celebrate Day of the Dead in style. The beatmaker behind some of the biggest chart hits of the past few years is bringing his impressive catalogue to SE1.

Face paint encouraged!




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