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Spinnin’ Sessions London

The Box

  1. Danny Avila
  2. Tom Staar
  3. Deepend
  4. Jack Wins


  1. Skiy
  2. Ellis
  3. Alex Anderson
  4. Ryan Spicer

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

The world-conquering record label will be celebrating 20 years of unparalleled success at the club on Saturday 6th July.

The Dutch label is responsible for many of the biggest dancefloor and radio smasher of the past two decades. In celebration of 20 years at the forefront of dance music, they've assembled a crack team of label mainstays to showcase the past, present and future of the label over a huge night in the UK's best sound system.

Danny Avila is one of Spinnin's leading lights and has been drawing staggering crowds at festivals and clubs in every corner of the globe for several years now. Avila literally grew up in clubland - famously celebrating his 18th birthday in our very own DJ booth, so who better to headline 20 Years of Spinnin'!


Joining Danny in The Box will be London's own Tom Staar. Tom has been DJing across the capital and the world for a decade now and is responsible for some of Beatport's best-loved club tracks including "Totem", "Jericho" and "Bora".


Deepend is known for producing some of the most well-received tracks on Spinnin' in recent years. Tracks such as "I'm Intoxicated", "Only Love" and the huge Sam Felt collaboration, "Runaways" have racked up millions of views on YouTube alone.


Fresh off releasing "Forever Young" with the amazingly talented Amy Grace, Jack Wins will be taking the reigns in The Box to provide the vibes on what's sure to be a huge night.

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