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BackTo95: Boxing Day Special

The Box

  1. Heartless Crew
  2. Matt Jam Lamont
  3. Luck & Neat
  4. Norris Da Boss Windross
  5. Mikee B
  6. Hermit & Daniel Ward
  7. DJ Listener
  8. Jason H
  9. Jerry Rankin
  10. Hosted by:
  11. Creed
  12. MC DT
  13. Mr Buzzhard
  14. CKP
  15. PSG
  16. Live PA:
  17. Richie Dan
  18. Rasheeda


  1. Ratpack
  2. Brockie & Det
  3. Nicky Blackmarket
  4. Top Buzz
  5. Ray Keith
  6. EZM
  7. Hosted by:
  8. MC Moose
  9. Bellyman
  10. Nu Flo

Baby Box

  1. Rampage
  2. Firin Squad
  3. LLoyd Life
  4. Selly J & DJ Alton
  5. Sammy Confunktion
  6. Hosted by:
  7. Champs

The Loft

  1. Mark Radford
  2. Dominique Danielle
  3. Azi Robinson
  4. 2 Four 7
  5. Roney J
  6. Eli Maeva

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

This Christmas we're celebrating Boxing Day with a return to the club for UKG dons, Backto95. They've spared no expense in bringing you yet another stellar lineup to take you back to the original Oldskool vibe and party atmosphere.

Headlining our event and making their debut will be the mighty Heartless Crew featuring MC's Bushkin, Mighty Moe and DJ Fonti with an exclusive Oldskool House and Garage set, with PA's from Richie Dan and Resheeda performing their Garage anthems.

The 103 will be headlined by the dynamic duo Ratpack. The Baby Box is hosted by crowd favourites Rampage and Firin Squad, whilst the loft features Mark Radford and the House FM crew!

There's only one way to shake off that Christmas stuffing - dancing to the biggest Boxing Day lineup to the very best in UKG.

Get your advance tickets early as this promises to be another roadblock.

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