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The Gallery: Timmy Trumpet

The Box

  1. Timmy Trumpet
  2. Harrison (DJ & Live)
  3. Toumasii
  4. WazToo

103: Hosted by Input

  1. Mia Monroe & Sean Oxley (5 hours)

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

Down the years, there have been many prized Gallery debuts - whereby the night can be credited for elevating these artists on a global scale. However TIMMY TRUMPET plays for an inaugural occasion already having achieved this recognition - and currently in the midst of a second world tour! With a musical background rooted within the classical disciplines, this training lends itself to playing trumpet whilst manipulating multiple CDJs simultaneously. So no matter which genre comes preferred, this is undoubtedly an impressive feat when witnessed live – and always encompasses harder and more unadulterated sounds with playful trumpet melodies.

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