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The Gallery: Benny Benassi

The Box

  1. Benny Benassi
  2. Pink Panda
  3. Somn3um


  1. Art Bastian
  2. Bompe
  3. Letizia Carrero
  4. Anna B

Baby Box: Hosted by HD-Life

  1. DJ Sweiz
  2. DJ Peta
  3. DJ GXLV

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Party like the baller you are at Ministry of Sound. Skip the queues, live it up in a private booth and get the best view in the house from our VIP balcony where you can mingle with the DJs.

We say ‘Ciao’ to Benny Benassi for a final time in 2018, as our beloved Italian returns for his traditional December outing. However Benny last visited London in summer for South West Four – his set a joyous festival highlight across both days. Tomorrowland was also a notable gig within this sun soaked period, and Ministry of Sound will experience these big ‘al fresco’ anthems amongst tunes deeper and darker, a contrast drawing on Benny’s  vast experience playing The Box compared to other spaces. With The Gallery having afforded Benny a UK debut and achieving subsequent residency status in SE1, this affinity will forever be cherished amongst artist and fans alike.

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