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This ain't no DJ set! We've joined forces with some of the most talented players in classical music to create a Ministry of Sound take on what an orchestral performance can be. Each performance features a full 50-piece orchestra performing iconic dance classics, completely rearranged and reinterpreted for 2020.

We've handpicked the very best tunes from dance music and recreated them in a breathtaking orchestral performance. We had some pretty decent DJs through our doors, so we've recruited many of them back to perform alongside an incredible 50-piece orchestra.


New Show Added: De La Warr Pavilion!

Ministry of Sound Classical is going coastal this December with a trip to Bexhill-on-Sea.

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Ministry of Sound Classical

An orchestral tour celebrating the biggest dance anthems of all time.


Each show features never heard before classical remakes of iconic dance anthems, including:

The Chemical Brothers – “Hey Boy Hey Girl”

Dario G – “Sunchyme”

Faithless – “Insomnia”

Fatboy Slim – “Right Here, Right Now”

Moloko – “Sing It Back”


Our first-ever fully produced classical music show, features:

50-piece classical orchestra

Nationwide special guest DJ appearances

Live performances from original vocalists

The biggest dance tracks reimagined with an orchestral makeover

Live-scored documentary featuring Judge Jules, Paul Oakenfold, Brandon Block and key Ministry of Sound players including Justin Berkmann and Lohan Presencer

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