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Amidst the frenzied chaos of the music industry, there are few who have managed to carve out a name for themselves through sheer talent and dedication. And R3HAB is undoubtedly one such luminary.

In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to delve into the mind of this icon and explore the secrets behind his unparalleled success.

Where are you in the world right now?

I’m currently in France, preparing for my two sets at Tomorrowland Winter in the beautiful Alpe d'Huez.

What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?

I played two amazing clubs in Bali last month. It was a great opportunity to reunite with my Indonesian fans… and spend some quality time on the beach in February!

Walk us through what your creative process looks like. How do you typically go about reimagining a song to take your signature sound?

I approach each remix as a collaboration with the original artist. I need to tap into their vision, bring the record into the dance space, and create a track that honors the original while surprising and captivating listeners. It’s a constructive process - we’re building something new together.

In your own words, what makes a ‘R3HAB Remix’ stand out?

I feel my remixes are about transmitting my vision of dance music and sharing an uplifting energy with the listeners around the world.

You’ve been working with a lot of K-pop acts like (G)I-DLE, EXO, and TWICE, what has the experience been like?

Exciting, I love to work across cultures and K-pop is amazing. The energy is unlike all other genres or fan groups.


You’ve been in the music industry for over a decade. Throughout it all, how do you maintain and sustain your passion for what you do?

I prioritize staying grounded. My fans and a consistent workout routine do the trick.

What else can we expect from R3HAB?

A lot of new music I’ve been working on over the past months! Festival season is around the corner and I can’t wait to meet all my fans from across the globe.

What are you most excited about playing in the Box at London’s most iconic venue, Ministry of Sound?

I love coming back to London. MOS is a special place on the map for me and the people share an amazing energy. It’s CYB3RPVNK night and Skytech will be in the house, so you can be sure some classics will fill the setlist.

Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Saturday 25th March? Will you be playing any new music?

Definitely another unforgettable night! I’ll be playing a lot of unreleased records in my set, fresh from my studio.

As R3HAB gears up for his highly anticipated headline set at Ministry this Saturday, fans can expect a thrilling and dynamic performance from one of the biggest names in dance music. With his unique blend of EDM and pop, R3HAB has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry, and his collaborations with some of the most prominent artists in the world have only solidified his status as a global superstar. For anyone lucky enough to catch his set this weekend, get ready for a night of electrifying beats and unforgettable moments. Limited tickets are still available.

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