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We caught up with Radio 1 and Drum & Bass selector Charlie Tee ahead of the Drum and Bass Awards on Sunday the 9th of April.


Q - Where are you in the world right now?

Currently in London at the BBC about to meet a guest for my Radio 1 show.

Q - What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?
Printworks in London for the Worried About Henry show, which was really emotional actually! It was the last show I’ll play there now because it’s sadly closing. A real bittersweet moment.

Q -
Are you excited about how the d'n'b scene is progressing at the moment?

Immeasurably! Drum and bass has always been a unique melting pot of sounds, making it such an unpredictable genre in terms of sonic evolution. This new generation are drawing inspiration from all over and taking the genre to new heights, its very a really exciting time for the scene.

Q - You've already launched your own label “Total”, what can you tell us about your plans for that?

We launched the label last year and it’s very much been a labour of love celebrating all genres and sounds. We’ll be bringing more releases later on this year.

Q - Would you would you say there’s a record or track that takes you back to those early moments?

There are soo many, it’s hard to pinpoint just one really! Chase & Status ‘Take Me Away’ and Dillinja’s ‘Twist Em Out’ both hold a special place in my heart.

Q- You’re ordering a take-away, what do you get?

Thai food 100, I am obsessed! Tofu green curry, coconut rice, Som Tum salad and obvs thai crackers and dip.. peng.

Q - What gives you the most buzz out of DJing?

Connecting with people in the crowd is the best buzz. I love the fact that I can have a moment with someone I’ve never met, literally just by playing a record. It can either be us throwing gun fingers at each other when I drop some filth, or on my last track when we lock eyes and sing the vocals to each other. Pure magic.

Q - What projects do you have coming up this year?

So we’ve just announced my new concept UNITEE, which is a play on words with ‘unity’ and the ‘tee’ from my artist name. It’s essentially a stage takeover project, where I’ll be uniting some of my favourite artists in the scene at the moment, in a bid to bring everyone together, hence unitee. I really want everyone to feel welcome at these shows, no matter your gender, race, sexuality, age, everyone is welcome, mirroring the ethos of my Radio 1 show.

Q - Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Easter Sunday 9th April, will you be playing any unreleased music?

High energy selections from me as always, I always draw for selections that I’d want to hear if I was the dance floor myself. Expect some cheeky  Charlie Tee dubs and unreleased music that we’ve been supporting on my Radio 1 show as standard.

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