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Tuff Questions is our series where we ask artists a selection of incredibly difficult questions. 

Rising female DJ, producer and vocalist, Tita Lau, has already swept through the dance music world by performing high-energy sets at iconic clubs around the globe, including Pacha Barcelona, Hï Ibiza and, of course, Ministry of Sound. She’s brave enough to take the world by storm, but can she handle our Tuff Questions?


MoS: Describe your press shot in five words or less.

Tita Lau: Out of date lol.


House or techno?



If House [music] is a spiritual thing, who is its prophet?



What does your music smell like?

No sleep. 


What was the first song/album you bought with your own money?

ATB - 9PM (Till I Come).

What was your first email address?

I still use it so I can’t tell you lol.


What would your Tinder bio say?

If my boyfriend sees this, what are you doing on here bro?


Best way to cure a hangover?

Tita Lau’s hangover cure playlist on Spotify. With pizza.


If you had your own nightclub, what would you call it and what is the dress code?

T-Party. Dress code: just vibes. 


What song would be your wrestling entrance theme?

Guns N’ Roses - Live and Let Die.

Strangest/funniest thing you’ve seen in a club?

I was proposed to by two men, both friends, holding up different reasons on their phones why I shouldn’t pick the other one.


What single thing would make your life better?

Teleportation. Until then, a private jet will do.


Who’s the biggest party animal in dance music?

I’ve never met him, but Fisher seems pretty wild. I like it.


You can only ever DJ B2B with one other person for the rest of your life, who would it be?

James Hype. 


You can only ever play one record again for the rest of your life, what is it?

Easy. Tita Lau - The Sequel. Iconic and timeless.

If you could live in any other place and time, when and where would you pick?

70s/80s era, Chicago and New York.


Who is your celebrity crush?

James Hype.


Is a hotdog a sandwich?

No lol.


Teetotal or tearing it up?

Both, depends on the gang and if we’re out-out or in-in. 


Favourite production?

CO2 ALWAYS. When you’re hot, lazers just don’t hit the same.


You can only wear one colour for the rest of your life, black is not an option. What colour do you choose?

Vantablack. Google it.


What’s the best moment you’ve had on a dancefloor?

My sister and I went to our first ever rave together and had the best time. That, and elrow in Spain, the confetti was elite. 


What job would you do if you weren’t a musician?

Maybe still work in my dad’s Chinese takeaway. He fired me though, so probably fashion. 


Would you rather all your burps smell of eggs, or have a green cloud appear when you fart? 

Praying for whoever wrote these questions hahaha. I’d probably have green farts as long as they don’t smell, just a random puff of green would actually be quite funny. No one likes eggy breath. 


What’s your biggest non-musical interest?

Hanging out with my family and shopping in vintage stores.


You’re forming a cheesy pop group in the vein of 5ive, Steps and Spice Girls. Your group must sing and do choreographed dance routines. Which other 3 DJs do you want in your band?

No brainer. I’d need to recruit the cream of the crop, people I know and who I’d trust to kill it, cos if I do something, I go all in, no half-assed shit. Girl gang: Arielle Free, Hannah Laing, me and Peggy Gou. OMDZ, could you even imagine? I’d buy tickets to that show. 


If 6 = 2(x+2), what is x?



What’s your secret weapon to rescue a dancefloor?

Me, I’m the weapon.

Why do lots of DJs wear masks? What’s the deal with that?

You can be in multiple places at once… and go into the festival after and no one knows who you are. Quite genius really.


What is the most regrettable track you’ve dropped in a set?

I dropped a Freed From Desire edit I made. NGL it went off but everyone started singing something about someone being on fire, I had no idea what was happening.


What’s the most expensive thing you own?

Energy bills.


Where is the strangest place you’ve DJed?

One of the strangest nights was a place in Greece. They forgot to promote the night, so it was just me and my tour manager. I played the set to a basically completely empty club, still killed it. 


What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Focus on one thing at a time. 


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