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Tuff Questions is our series where we ask artists a selection of incredibly difficult questions. 

If Ruth Royall is an unfamiliar name to you, let it be no longer.

Having successfully cemented herself within the Drum and Bass scene, the Bristol-based DJ and producer has collaborated with fellow genre names, including Grafix, Mollie Collins and Pola & Bryson. With spins on BBC Radio 1 Dance and amassing over 8 million streams across all digital platforms, it's clear Ruth is on a steady incline to something much bigger.

Being a female DJ in the dance music industry is not a common sight, but Ruth continues to stand out. Having been a session vocalist for nearly 10 years, she brought this skill over to dance music and began implementing her own vocals in her productions and live sets, leading to nods for the Best Vocalist at the Drum and Bass Awards.


MoS: Describe your press shot in five words or less.

Ruth Royall: The zebra squat. 


House or techno?



If House [music] is a spiritual thing, who is its prophet?

The ravers.


What does your music smell like?



What was the first song/album you bought with your money?

Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


What was your first email address?

[email protected]


What would your Tinder bio say?

Likes dogs more than people.


Best way to cure a hangover?

Coffee, Netflix and rocking back and forth in a corner dissecting everything you might have said the night before. Works a treat. 


If you had your own nightclub, what would you call it and what is the dress code?

I'd call it The Bass House and only allow people in wearing black tie.


What song would be your wrestling entrance theme?

Spice Up Your Life by The Spice Girls. 

What's your secret weapon to rescue a dancefloor?

Anything by Chase & Status.


Strangest/funniest thing you've seen in a club?

A chicken fight. 


What single thing would make your life better?

More plugins. 


Who's the biggest party animal in dance music?

That would be telling. 


You can only ever DJ B2B with one other person for the rest of your life, who would it be?



You can only ever play one record again for the rest of your life, what is it?

Roll the Dice by Shy FX ft. Stamina MC and Lily Allen. 

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