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German-Croatian production wizard, Topic, is gearing up to make his Ministry of Sound debut this Friday. Known for global chart-topping hits such as "Breaking Me", "Your Love (9PM)" and his most recent collaboration with Robin Schulz, Nico Santos and Paul van Dyk, "In Your Arms".

Topic has toured the world playing at the scene's most respected clubs and festivals, but he has yet to tick a set in our infamous main room, The Box, off his bucket list. Now the time has finally come and Topic will be taking to our decks as Very Special Guest for Dutch superstar Fedde le Grand.

Ahead of this auspicious debut, we called up Topic to discuss his journey so far.


MoS: Where are you in the world right now?

Topic: I just recently returned from Australia, where I played my first tour there. But right now I'm in my studio in Dubai, working on new songs.


What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?

The last club I played at was at Marquee in Sydney, that was like two weeks ago, in Australia.


How did you come up with the name Topic?

That’s actually my surname: Topic – or as you actually pronounce it: Topić, the c has like an apostrophe over it as I have Croatian roots. When I started my artist project I was thinking of many names and I just thought maybe the easiest is to stick with my family name and the name everyone is calling me anyway, I was always that kid that was called by his surname in school.


What do you love about being a DJ and what do you love about being a Producer?

I'm a person, who doesn't live a strict routine. I like to work freely. As a producer there are no limits when it comes to trying out different genres and to then implement my own sound there.

Producing and releasing tracks is what then brought me to DJing. I love traveling. That's a huge advantage in being a DJ as you have the opportunity to travel the world. Also being on stage, playing music I like, seeing a crowd enjoy music I've created and feeling this special vibe gives me a lot of joy.


Who has been your biggest inspiration?

There are so many names which come to my mind instantly, like in the beginning I started out with producing hiphop beats and music, then it was Timbaland and Dr. Dre but when I started making dance music in 2012/2013 that was Swedish House Mafia, Alesso, Avicii and Martin Garrix.



What would you say was the golden moment in your career?

I think that was definitely when "Breaking Me" hit the charts in the UK and the United States because that always seamed so unreachable and so far away for me. And when that happened it definitely felt like a golden moment!


Last year you released a remake of “9PM (Till I Come)“ called “Your Love (9PM)" with ATB and A7S, how did project come together?

ATB actually had the idea. He lives quite close to my home town in Germany! He heard “Breaking Me”, liked the style of the production and the “melancholic dance music” sound and got in contact to me through a mutual video director. He then asked if I was keen to work with him on a remake of his "9PM" track, which I absolutely loved. I mean the track is such an iconic dance track and I’m really, really happy how it turned out and that we were the first ones, who could use that sample.



What projects do you have coming up in 2022?

There is a bunch of single releases coming up (one of them really pretty soon) and I am working on an album between touring, which will probably come next year.


What are you most excited about playing in The Box at London’s most iconic venue?

First of all, playing in London in general is amazing, because that is also a little bit like a golden moment for me as I've travelled to London so much and I always dreamed about playing in London and now it’s happening for the second time in my career - I am very excited for that… but more so for Ministry of Sound in general. It is so iconic and I think since I’m making dance music, you always hear about that venue. I haven’t been there in my life, so I’m very excited to actually see the venue and all and then playing it is even more sick. A real personal milestone!


Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 20th May? Will you be playing any new music?

Yes, I will definitely play my new single, which will be coming in June (hopefully). It’s not 100% approved yet. But anyways… I’ll definitely play that song!


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