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Trance returns to Ministry this Friday with FUTURE's 2022 Opening Party. Headliners Super8 & Tab will be leading a stacked lineup including Mark Sixma, Ashley Wallbridge, Ørjan Nilsen and a 4-hour set from Tenisha.

We can't wait to get back onto the dancefloor for our first event of 2022, but before we do, we called up Super8 & Tab for a quick chat.


Where are you both in the world right now?

Tab: Somewhere between Helsinki and Bangkok.


What was the last club you both played at and which country was it in?

Recent shows have been in Mexico and North America. It’s great to get back to one of the most iconic venues in the world. We have said this before - it feels like Ministry is a second home for us!

What did you both miss most about club shows during the pandemic?

The people! We miss our fans and their reactions to the new tunes we have been working on! The connection the music creates, the atmosphere when everyone are as one on the dance floor!


What did you both do to keep yourself busy during lockdown?

We released TWO albums and one mix compilation during Covid so not too much spare time hahah. Now it’s good to spend time with the family and recharge barriers during the holidays. Then we are fully energised for 2022!


Who would you say has inspired you both musically?

We always have tried to be open minded to all kind of music - from techno, to top40 or trance. You can always learn something new from sounds or mixing from each tune. During Covid we have listened a lot progressive trance tracks like Kasablanka, Camelphat, Artbat to name a few.

What’s your favourite thing or things to do in London when you’re both here?

It’s been pretty much the same formula each time: check in to hotel, dinner with friends, massive party at Ministry, after party and direct to airport next day and then sleep on plane!


How did you guys meet prior to 2005 when you starting collaborating together?

We both released music on Anjunabeats and both worked in the same studio community so it was pretty natural we collaborate together.

We went to the studio during midsummer weekend and had some crazy time in the studio, I think the track was ihq which never got released… but on the following week we decided to do a collab and "First Aid" was born. Couple months later we had "Helsinki Scorchin" in our hands. That changed everything! That track has been taking us around the globe so many times it’s crazy!

You’ve played different venues and spaces all around the world but what do you prefer playing at, festivals or clubs and why?

Both have their special moments; festivals have massive production and people as far you can see. Club shows can be massive as well but somehow they are a lot more intimate and usually you have longer set times too.

Personally I prefer club shows, obviously this could change when the summer festival season starts :)


What are you most excited about playing at London's most prestigious club Ministry of Sound?

We cannot name just one as it’s a combination of the best crowd, the best production and possibly the best DJ booth you can ask for!


Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 14th January?

We are definitely going to road-test tunes we have been working on but as always we like to play the best in progressive and hybrid trance. I’m sure we will drop some classics too!


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