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W&W return to their London home of Ministry of Sound this February for a bombastic night of big-room bangers. The Dutch DJ and production duo have transcended the boundaries of genre and traveled the world with their iconic live performances.

W&W are known for combining the uplifting and melodic elements of Trance with the raw intensity of Electro and Progressive House, creating a unique and rebellious sound that is all their own.



MoS: Where are you both in the world right now?

W&W: We are in Portugal right now, where we live. We’ve been living here for quite some time now and have to say that it’s a really nice place!


What was the last club you both played at and which country was it in?

The last club we played was Temple in Denver, Colorado.


How did you both meet and come up with the name W&W?

We met at Trance Energy back in 2007 and became friends. At one point we decided we wanted to make music together and our first project file was named 'W&W - new music v1' or something, because both of our names start with a 'W'. We sent that song to Armin and he played it on ASOT and by then it was too late to change the name haha.


"Bigfoot" is one of your first breakthrough tracks, what made this track different from the likes of "Thunder" and "Lift Off"?

Maybe it sounds a bit more organic than "Thunder" and "Lift Off", the lead kind of sounds like a trumpet, the beats have some more real instruments in them, etc. But when scoring a “hit” it’s always also, the right timing, the right sounds at that time... and a lot of luck!


You've both been supporting artists through Mainstage Music for years, is there any tracks from up and coming artists you’ve been playing in your most recent sets?

We rebranded MainStage to Rave Culture quite a while ago and ever since we really feel like it’s a super tight community. We’re working with a lot of artists on the label like AXMO, KEVU, Sandro Silva, and they all make so much great new music that we always have new stuff to play in our sets, besides our own new music.


What is your favourite thing or things to do in London when you’re both here?

Playing Ministry of course!! Besides that, we love walking by the Thames and visiting all the amazing landmarks.



You've worked with some of the biggest names in dance music including Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Armin van Buuren. Who did you enjoy collaborating with the most, and why?

Everybody that we ever worked with has been great in one way or another. We always learn from it, sometimes in music, sometimes in the way they look at a song, etc. We can’t choose just one as we genuinely like working with everyone!


When you've performed at Ministry of Sound in the past were there any tracks back then that you still play now?

Probably "Bigfoot", we still play that one quite often.


You’ve played different venues and spaces all around the world but what do you prefer playing at, festivals or clubs and why?

When you play a lot of clubs (like lately, and mostly in the winter) you really miss festivals, and then in the summer, when you play all the festivals, you miss clubs.


Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 4th February?

A crazy energetic night, with lots of new music, good vibes. It’s been a while since we played in London because of the pandemic, and we can’t wait to be back and make up for all the missed parties!


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