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Egyptian Trance superstars, Aly & Fila will be returning to their London home of Ministry of Sound this Friday, for one of our most eagerly-anticipated shows of the year. They've teamed up with fellow trance royalty ATB and Andrew Rayel to bring you a AAA trance extravaganza.

Aly & Fila have graced our decks for over a decade, they have so much history with the club, we wanted to call them up for a chat ahead of their long-awaited, post-pandemic return.


Where are you in the world right now?

At present we are in Cairo, we have a busy day ahead in the studio.


What was the last club you played at and which country was it in?

Malvinas Argetinas in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a 3000 crowd dancing for 6 hours non-stop, if you ever get the chance to visit Argentina to party, then you should 100% take up the opportunity.


How did you both meet and come up with Aly & Fila?

We have been best friends since Kindergarten, and both had the love for Trance music from the 1990s, Fila used to travel a lot in Europe to Germany mostly during the mid/late 1990s and early 2000s and there would gain inspiration from watching Paul van Dyk and be able to bring back tapes of sets of Paul van Dyk. 


What do you love about being a DJ and what do you both love about being a Producer?

Totally different aspects, to be honest. Being a DJ we are able to showcase the music we love from various artists, the record labels under Future Sound of Egypt - FSOE, Fables, Clandestine, Parallels, to feel the energy. from the crowd when a breakdown hits and the bang when the beat drops, is such a feeling.

Being a producer we are able to get into our creativity mode as a musician. If we counted the hours spent in the studio over the last 19 years, it would be a lifetime.


Who would you say has most inspired you musically?

Paul van Dyk for sure, as explained above. When you watch him live, his energy behind the decks is amazing, we are really happy to be able to call Paul a good friend. We play a lot of shows together and are residents for Shine in Ibiza with Paul.


What’s your favourite thing or things to do in London when you’re here?

London is such a great city, so multi-cultural, there are so many places to eat in the city, you would need a year eating all day every day to visit them all. We also have a lot of friends in London so it is always great to catch up with them and also our team who are based in the UK.

We still haven’t managed to visit a football match yet in London, maybe that should be on the checklist in 2022. London is such a vibrant city, and Ministry of Sound is such a legendary club, we have played there for the last 11 years, before then was The Gallery at Turnmills, another legendary London venue.

When was the first time you played in our main room, The Box, and what made it so special?

We think it was 2010, the lineup was ourselves, John O'Callaghan, Matt Hardwick, Marcel Woods, The Viceroy. The Box is an outstanding room to play, and the technical setup in the DJ booth is perfect, the sound is so good in there, we can't wait to be back there on February 18th.


When you've played at Ministry of Sound in the past were there any tracks back then that you still play now when you come to London, if so... What tracks are they?

We have played Aly & Fila - "Lost Language" many times over the years at Ministry of Sound, and Aly & Fila feat Jwaydan - "We Control the Sunlight", they are two that spring to mind.


You’ve played different venues and spaces all around the world but what do you prefer playing at, festivals or clubs and why?

Both! Both are totally different. Totally different vibes. Clubs are more intimate whereas at festivals and big arena shows you still get the atmosphere and they are amazing to perform at. We are very fortunate to have played amazing clubs, festivals and arena shows throughout our career.


Finally... What can you promise fans ahead of your set on Friday 18th February?

New Music from ourselves and our record labels, if you love Trance then it's the place to be on February 18th. Great lineuup, we are really looking forward to it, see you soon.


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