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Tuff Questions is our series where we ask artists a selection of incredibly difficult questions.

Stepping into the Tuff Questions hot seat this week is none other than Darius Syrossian!

One of the hardest working artists in electronic, Darius took 14 years of working in a record store and turned it into an incredibly impressive list of DJing achievements.

Known for his famed residencies in Ibiza that have seen him play full seasons every week at clubs like Space, Privilege, Sankeys and Amnesia over the last 8 years, along with headline sets at just about every club on the international circuit.

In 2018, Darius launched his own label and party concept, Moxy Muzik. The live shows see Darius play special extended sets in smaller, more intimate settings.

On the label side of things, Moxy has released tracks by Enzo Siragus, Phil Weeks, DJ Sneak, East End Dubs and Ben Rau. His Latest is out on Ben Rau's META label, "La Tribu" which you can listen to above.



Describe your press shot in five words or less

DJ smiles in press pic?? :)


House or Techno?



If House is a spiritual thing, who is its prophet?

Toss up between Kerri Chandler, Chez Damier & Junior Vasquez


What does your music smell like?

Fresh Basil in the garden after a thunderstorm


What was the first song/album you bought with your own money?

On vinyl it was the DIY sound system Strictly for groovers double pack vinyl, before that on cassette I can’t remember but I think Happy Mondays - "Pills Thrills & Bellyaches".



What was your first email address?

Honest to god I still use the same one, I'm still a hotmail d*ckhead hahaha


What would you say in your tinder bio?

Never done a dating app so couldn’t say :)


Best way to cure a hangover?

Banana before bed and a pint of water, potassium & h2o makes perfect sense and works for me hahah


What song would be your wrestling entrance theme?

Kid Creole & the Coconuts "Stool Pigeon" that should send everyone’s head west & give me a head start haha



Who’s the biggest party animal in dance music?

Well Skream turned up at my villa in ibiza a while back on no sleep after 2 days of gigging with a slipped disc & we went to an after after party to spin all day. Then he nailed a bottle of tequila neat no problem, has to be him hands down.


You can only ever DJ B2B with one other person for the rest of your life, who is it?

Kerri Chandler


You can only ever play one record again for the rest of your life - what is it?

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - "Intro"



Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Of course, why would it not be?


Favourite production? (pick one) lazers, disco ball, strobe, Co2, LED screen, confetti, foam, nothing or other.



You can only wear one colour for the rest of your life, black is not an option, what colour do you choose?



Would you rather all your burps smell of eggs, or have a green cloud appear when you fart?

Green cloud appear when I fart, that would be hilarious as a party trick!


You’re forming a cheesy pop group in the vein of 5ive, Steps,

Spice Girls etc. You must all sing and do choreographed dance routines. Which other 3 DJs do you want in your band?

Guti, Richy Ahmed, Prunk…. Ahhh hang on, you have to have wAFF in there too!


What job would you do if you weren’t a musician?

Chef for sure.


What’s your biggest non-musical interest?

Cooking, painting, football, sounds a bit cliché but if I didn’t say those three I’d be lying.


6 = 2(x+2) what is x?

The algebra calculator says 1, ha.


What’s your secret weapon to rescue a dancefloor?

DJ Sneak - "You Can’t Hide From Your Bud"



If you had your own nightclub, what would you call it, and what’s the dress code?

MOXY and dress code would be there is no dress code.


Why do lots of DJs wear masks? What’s the deal with that?

You tell me? They think Gimmicks help maybe? Lets go with that, the answer is Gimmicks.


What’s the most expensive thing you own?

The gift of having as much hunger and passion for music & all this that I do for a job as I did when I started first breaking through all those years ago. That to me is hands down more priceless over anything material I own.


Where is the strangest place you’ve DJed?

In 2014 I DJ'd in a small boutique shop in East London near brick lane. It wasn't announced & it was meant to be a small promo thing for like 50 people, but word spread & it ended up being rammed to the rafters & people dancing on the counter, literally any spare space & even in the street outside too - turned into something pretty nuts!!


One piece of advice you would give your younger self?

Start your own party and stop putting your passion, energy, blood sweat and tears into fronting others. Or sign contracts when you have been offered things, because YOU might honour a gentlemen agreement but it will be proved to you that others won’t, the music industry is full of sharks, but you live & learn. My label MOXY MUZIK is the best thing that has happened to me so maybe I'll just say carry on it will work out amazing in the end, hahaha


Where’s the afters?

ALWAYS at mine!!!



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