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Future Funk pioneer Vantage is the France-born, Tokyo-based producer who has just teamed up with Garage legend, Todd Edwards on new track "Think I'm In Love". His next track, "Found You" is out on 30th July.



The masked producer has painstakingly crafted an immersive virtual world around his music, with a range of NFTs in collaboration with digital artist, Kidmograph. 

We jumped on a Zoom call to discuss everything from working with Todd Edwards, to his favourite NFT artists.


How did you end up in japan?

I always had an admiration for Japan, I don’t even really know myself what it is, but the way things work here, the mentality etc. I really resonate with it!

Back  when  I was  in high school, I had to pick something to study at uni and since languages were the subject I had the least difficulties with, I chose to go with that, and picked Japanese because I thought it was cool lol.


You’ve just worked with Todd Edwards on your latest single, "Think I’m In Love", how did that collaboration come about?

Well, working with Todd has always been a lifelong dream of mine, I’ve been a fan of his work for as long as I remember and used to listen to “Face to Face” in the car with my parents when we went road tripping!

So, obviously when my management suggested we reach out I was very excited and Todd said he’d love to work on something together.


What are the musical touch points of the vantage project?

There’s a lot ! The whole Future Funk and Vaporwave scene to begin with, people like Yung Bae, Macross, Night Tempo, Flamingosis, Saint Pepsi etc. but also things like classic house (Paul  Johnson, Kerri Chandler, Larry Levan), French House (Cassius, Thomas Bangalter, Roule, Crydamoure, The Phantom’s Revenge) and also a lot of Funk (Prelude, SOLAR records, Leon Sylvers III, Chic, Kashif, Marc Sadane and the list goes on and on…)


I hear a lot of French touch influences in your work, what are some of your favourite French touch records?

Some of my favourite French Touch records would be Cassius - 1999, Daft Punk’s Discovery and Homework.


What are your thoughts on Daft Punk retirement announcement?

Well I was very sad at first of course, but thinking it through I thought it was for the best as staying in a band you don’t want to stay in doesn’t sound like a good idea, plus I hear Thomas and Guy Man are focusing on some music respectively so I think it’s all for the best!


Your work has a very strong visual identity, can you talk me through your visual identity?

I really love design in general, I think it’s an amazing art form that is often overlooked. I’m drawn to interesting designs in all shapes and forms, whether it be anime, a cool looking washing machine, cars, musical instruments etc. Trying to find designs that strike emotions and nostalgia is what ties together my aesthetic I would say.


You’ve just released some NFT art, can you talk about the relationship between music and NFTs and where this could go in the future?

I think NFT is an amazing medium, I’d go as far as to say blockchain technology in general is about to bring something new to the table in virtually every space, we just need to give it time to flourish and be patient and not rush into it.


Where can people buy your NFTs?

Nifty Gateway ! And I might release some stuff on other platforms but nothing planned yet.


Vantages Top 5 NFT Artworks


Refik Anadol - Machines Hallucinations : Mars Landscape

Refik Anadol - Machines Hallucinations : Mars Landscapes has to be one of my favorites, I just love the tech behind his art and the way it looks in general, very interesting AI powered art !


Anything by kidmograph, I just love his style so much, his aesthetic and the way he approaches artwork really resonate with me on all levels.

IRIDESCENT by ss3lau

the IRIDESCENT series by ss3lau, he’s been pioneering NFTs and I think this piece is insanely attractive and an instant classic

Vantage - DotPigeon

The DotPigeon piece that you can see on my profile. This holds a special  meaning to me  because it was gifted to me by DotPigeon himself and was not for sale ! this collection includes art by other artists within the DotPigeon pieces and I think that’s an amazing concept as well!

Energy by Vantage & Polygon

Of course I had to include polygon! Not to toot my own horn about the collab, I just think he’s such an amazing artist that needs more recognition!  This piece embodies everything I love about art, it just makes me feel something when I look at it, it’s hard to describe.

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