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Sigala has been one of the UK's biggest success stories over the past decade, dominating the charts on both sides of the Atlantic with massive hits such as "Say You Do", "Came Here For Love" and his latest, "You For Me" with Rita Ora.

His first track, 2015's "Easy Love" was released on Ministry of Sound Recordings and became our label's 21st UK No.1 Single! Since then he's had an incredibly close relationship with the brand, releasing his debut album, Brighter Days, with us in 2018 and regularly hosting his Sigalaland shows at our London club.

As he gears up for his first performance since last month's unlocking we caught up with him to talk about producing during a pandemic, the return to clubs and his dog, Rodney.



MoS: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

Sigala: When I was growing up listening to my parents playing Queen was probably my earliest inspiration to pursue a career in music!


Your latest single, "You For Me" is a collaboration with Rita Ora. How did you go about recording it during a global lockdown?

We never actually met - she was based over in LA - so it was all done via Zoom! We had a lot of fun making it though, and hopefully we can meet soon for a real life performance!


Which is your go to software to produce your music and do you have a favourite spot where your ideas come together?

Protools is what I have been using the last 10 years! Ironically things always come together when I am walking my dog Rodney and actually have some time away from the studio to think clearly.



When is your next release?

Very soon - got an exciting collab coming up! Wish I could tell you more!


After a long 16 months, clubland is finally open agai, what have you missed most about club shows?

Unity! Bringing people together through music is one of the best feelings.


You've been holding your Sigalaland shows at our club for half a decade now, what do you love about Ministry of Sound?

It’s a legendary club, that has been home to so many incredible artists over the years. You feel that special atmosphere when you play. I am so excited to return - it’s the best club in London!


What's your favourite genre of music that isn’t your own?




What has kept you sane during the lockdown and clubs being shut?

Rodney (my dog) has replaced club life.


Favourite animal?



Lastly – what can you promise fans ahead the return of Sigalaland?

Fun, high energy, feel-good anthems! 


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