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No stranger to the Ministry of Sound main room, Nicky is bringing his label, Protocol to London for a full club takeover on Friday 20th August. Nicky has enlisted Stadiumx, Marc Benjamin, DØBER, Timmo Hendriks and Tim Van Werd to bring the noise to SE1!

Ahead of his label takeover, we phoned up Nicky to talk music, production and Protocol!



MoS: Hi Nicky, thanks for coming on board for this interview. To kick us off, where in the world are you right now and what was the last show that your played?

Nicky Romero: At the moment I'm back home in the Netherlands. The last show I played was at Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos, Greece, and I have to say it feels great to be back on the road.


Who is your Biggest musical inspiration?

Outside of the electronic dance music genre, I'm a big fan of a composer / pianist Ludovico Einaudi and Hans Zimmer. The compositions of both artists can be very influential.


What's your favourite genre of music that isn’t your own?

I really love the sound of all the rock hits from the '80s. Artists such as Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Van Halen, U2, and so on.



What's your most memorable DJ set?

I remember Carl Cox performing at Ultra Miami in 2011, who dropped my remix Green Velvet's "Flash". I still get goosebumps whenever I think about that moment.


When is your next release?

My next release will be a collab with W&W, a follow-up to our previous track "Ups & Downs". In addition to that, I'm going to release "Awakening" on 27th August under my dark side-project Monocule, so stay tuned…


Who are your Top 5 favourite DJs (no particular order)?

Carl Cox, David Guetta, Solomun, A-trak, Roger Sanchez.



What have you missed most about club shows during the pandemic?

The amazing energy a crowd can give you, especially when you are testing out new records and see the people screaming and reacting positively to the new music. That's the best feeling in the world and nothing else can replace it.


Which is your go to software to produce your music and do you have a favourite spot where your ideas come together?

My go-to D.A.W. is Logic Pro for many years now. I used to work with Fruity Loops and Cubase before, but switched to Logic approx. 10 years ago and never looked back.


Ahead of the Protocol London show, we want to know how was Protocol founded? 

We founded the label in 2012 with a simple goal in mind, to show the world quality dance music from young and established artists. I was already receiving many demos back then, but also wanted to be able to fully control my own releases and catalogue, so this step was inevitable. Next year we will be celebrating 10 years of Protocol. Time flies fast when you release great tunes on a regular basis.


What are you most looking forward to about returning to Ministry?

The DJ booth, the venue itself, sweat dripping from the ceiling, everything is legendary at Ministry of Sound! Thinking about those 2 DJ set-ups with 8 CDJ players gets my heart pounding faster already!


This is the debut Protocol night at Ministry, what does that mean to you and are you excited to get the whole team down?

I'm very proud to give our talents a spot at this legendary club! I’m quite sure about their great experience, and that MOS will get a special place in their hearts! We’re ready to spread the Protocol DNA across the entire venue and City of London:)


When did you first play at the club and what was that experience like for you?

I think the first time I’ve played at MOS was 2012! What a night it was. Playing all my new tunes like "Camorra," my first Protocol's release "WTF!?" or "Iron" and "Legacy." It was the beginning of a very interesting and amazing era.


Lastly – what can you promise fans ahead of Protocol London and why should they come to the show?

After all these months spent in the studio we have some much new music to play out! So, expect loads of exclusive IDs mixed with famous classics! Everybody on our team is ready to make this a great night!



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