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Drum & Bass don, Macky Gee is preparing to make his debut at Ministry of Sound tonight! One of the most technically gifted DJs in the scene, Mackey is sure to make a huge impact when he finally gets his hands on the MoS soundsystem.

Ahead of this auspicious event we called up Macky to talk production, musical inspirations and the birth of 'It's A Gee Thing'.



MoS: Who is your Biggest musical inspiration?

Macky Gee: Quincy Jones, probably not what you were expecting me to say but he’s a genius, simple as that.


How was ‘It’s A Gee Thing’ founded?

We were trying to thing of ideas for a club tour a few years ago, something that you’d instantly associate with the Macky Gee brand, and the classic Dr Dre track "Nuthin But A G Thang" came up in the conversation. I put my twist on it and that was that, job done!


What have you missed most about club shows?

Vodka, my ears ringing until Wednesday morning and motorway traffic on a Saturday afternoon.



Which is your go to software to produce your music and do you have a favourite spot where your ideas come together?

Ableton. Ideas come to me in all kinds of places, not really anywhere specific. It’s all about trying to hold onto it til you get back to the studio


What are you most looking forward to about headlining Ministry of Sound for the first time ever?

It’s actually the first time I’ll have ever been to the club, I really can’t wait to finally get to do this show at one of the most famous venues in the world. I’ve heard nothing but good things and I’m really looking forward to checking out this legendary sound system!


Favourite genre of music that isn’t your own?

Old School Hip Hop.


When is your next release?

It’s actually this Friday, 13th August, same day as my Ministry show. It’s called "Summer Sun" featuring RAHH - who’s seriously talented by the way. It’s something a little bit different to my usual tracks, you can hear influences from all kinds of other genres as well as DNB. I’ve got a lot more to come after this one as well, I’m genuinely really excited about the next 6-12 months.


Who are your top 5 favourite DJs?

Tiesto, DJ Snake, EZ, Deadmau5, Carl Cox.



Favourite animal?

Dogs, 100%


Lastly – what can you promise fans ahead of your Ministry of Sound debut this Friday?

It’s gonna be crazy!


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