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Trance legend Ferry Corsten will return to Ministry of Sound for the first time in 2 years this Friday. Ferry has a long-standing relationship with our club, having regularly playing here since the late 90s.

Ferry will be touching down in SE1 for a special 3-hour set to keep the trance family dancing till dawn. He'll be joined by a host of big name trance stars including Ben Gold, Marco V, Arty's Alpha 9 project and Seb Fontaine B2B Tall Paul.

Ahead of all that, we caught up with the man himself for a quick catch up.

MoS: Firstly, thank you for taking the time to speak to us, where in the world are you right now and what was the last gig that you played?

Ferry Corsten: I’m currently in my hometown of Rotterdam, preparing for Friday. I just had a show in Ukraine last weekend, so I’m all warmed up for Ministry!


What have you most missed about clubs during the height of the pandemic?

Seeing all these smiles on people’s faces, the positive energy, and on more of a creative level just hearing new music through a loud audio system again amongst seeing the instant response of fans on those new tracks.


Who is your biggest musical inspiration?

I don’t really have one person that is my biggest inspiration. For me it’s usually specific genres and styles that have a certain preference window. For example, for the last two years I got very inspired by neoclassical and ambient/cinematic artists, who you can find in my personal Stillpoint by Ferry Corsten playlist.


What's you favourite genre of music that isn’t your own?

I can definitely enjoy some solid techno and I will never get bored of a good drum & bass set.


When is your next release?

On the day of the show! My new single with Lovlee called "Poison". It’s the follow up to "Our Moon" and I’ll definitely play it in my set, so it’s a celebration!


What is your favourite animal?

A budgie, I have two of them. They’re my tweeters!


What is your favourite thing about Ministry of Sound club?

For me personally it’s sentiment because it’s been my home in London for over twenty years! I just love the cosiness of The Box with the close proximity of the booth to the crowd. And it’s always nice to hang out backstage as well.


What’s it like performing to the Ministry crowd?

It’s always exciting to play it out loud at Ministry because there’s always a very upbeat crowd with an international flavour.


When was the first time you ever played at Ministry Of Sound?

That must’ve been around 1999. I honestly can’t remember the exact date, but it must’ve been around the time right around when I mixed the Trance Nation compilation for Ministry of Sound.


Where do you go for inspiration when writing your music?

Inspiration I get out of everyday things. It could be from music that I hear in the distance, where I cannot exactly hear the song, but it plays something in my head. Obviously also new equipment or plugins can inspire me.


What can you promise fans ahead of your return to London on Friday for your special 3-hour set?

Lot’s of new music, lot’s of big classics with a 2021 touch, and in general just happy vibes!


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