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After last gracing Ministry of Sound for a hard-hitting edition of Coldharbour Night, this much loved international resident returns to The Gallery for 2020.

An open till close performance by Markus Schulz is a comprehensive showcase of his inimitable sound. Starting things off deep and groove-filled in The Box, before gradually working towards the #TRANCE and finally those dark depths of rabbit hole debauchery.

Plus with a familiarity amongst The Gallery faithful which comes well documented, Markus knows precisely how to exert maximum influence on the dancefloor – here are his top five tunes, guaranteed for The Box and chosen to represent the musical progression of this open till close performance.

Tinlicker - "Fractal"

Markus Schulz: I think Tinlicker was one of the breakout stars in the scene last year, highlighted by their album This is Not Our Universe. While their big vocal tunes such as "Lost" and "Need You" grab the headlines - and are great to play in a regular set, "Fractal" is a beautiful progressive piece that I love playing in the first hour of my open to close sets.

Jam El Mar - "Evo"

Jam is a big musical inspiration for me, and I've absolutely loved how he has reinvented his famed classic Trance sound inside a Techno hybrid. "Evo" straddles the line between Techno and Trance very well, and it's an excellent tool when transitioning from the deeper progressive sounds towards the peak hour.

Markus Schulz - "Sunrise Over the Bay"

This was one of three tracks made especially for my In Search of Sunrise 15 compilation, and as you would expect with something as special as that series, the aim of "Sunrise Over the Bay" is to capture the emotions that only Trance can make you feel. It's one of those pieces I rely on for the middle, peak hours of the night.

Daxson - "Sonder"

We are very blessed at Coldharbour to have a rich array of UK-based talent in our family, and Daxson has really kicked into gear in the past twelve months. I actually played "Sonder" for the very first time during last year's Gallery solo set at Ministry of Sound, and it has been a key component of every club and festival set ever since.

OC & Verde - "Mondoshawan"

Into the weird and wonderful of the rabbit hole and this has been my go-to track for that section of the night for a few months now. The power of the percussion and that menacing drive, along with the haunting melodic vibes, make it an essential play.

Markus Schulz plays The Gallery from open till close on Friday, January 31st, for what is also his first London show of 2020, get tickets & more info here.


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