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We're kicking off 2020 with a double hitter of Julian Jordan and DYRO at the Gallery. Known for their distinct takes on big riffs and mammoth drops. Both are now well acquainted with playing the main room and their performances always tease a variety of styles before those obligatory festival anthems.

Ahead of the madness, we got Julian Jordan and DYRO to pick their favourite of each other's tracks.

Dyro: "Wolv"

Julian Jordan: I’ve known Dyro since the beginning actually! We were both releasing a track on the same label when we just started. After that, I played some massive shows with him around the world. My favourite track from Dyro is “WOLV.” I love the dark theme and the sound design is mind blowing, I think he is one of the most technical skilled producers there is!

Julian Jordan "Next Level"

Dyro: Julian and I came up together, it becomes a small world - you play the same venues and work with a lot of the same people. One of my favourite people to play live with! Man, that’s a hard one to pick a favourite track. I’ve been a fan of Julian’s work from the very beginning, I’m really into the new stuff though as well. His latest song “Next Level” always gets a great reaction when I play it live.

Both Julian Jordan & Dyro play The Gallery on Friday, January 10th get tickets & more info here.


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