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Ben Klock is one of the preeminent faces of contemporary techno. Whether it’s stripped back, pummelling industrial techno, or more layered music, he is a DJ who places the audio at the centre of his DJ sets. Klock’s commitment to sending the dancefloor on a sonic journey is evident by his consistent choice of venues.

Not only is the Berliner strongly affiliated with hometown institution Berghain, but his pedigree ensures he gets the pick of the world’s best soundsystems, no matter which continent or time zone. Tbilisi’s Bassiani, Tenax in Florence, notorious Ibiza hangout DC-10 or Warung beach club, these venues vary in many ways, but they align through an emphasis placed on sound perfection.

A perfectionist, Klock demands the crispest, most fine-tuned soundsystems. Anything less would be a disservice to his fans. For his next event in the Capital, Ben continues on this path by taking control of London’s finest soundsystem for the very first time.

Crystal clear across all frequencies, yet still pounding, our system has been tweaked and updated down the years, but always pushes the envelope, as the industry-leading benchmark.

We can’t wait for him to come to Ministry of Sound and give our speakers a workout.

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