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The most magical bass night in the world meets the UK's best Soundsystem

This Easter we bring you a truly tantalising venue transformation, courtesy of the world's most magical bass night! Join us this April as Foreverland make their Ministry of Sound debut.

paying homage to the mythical mystery of the South Pacific's Easter Island. Join us as we take you on an extra-terrestrial trip to one of the World's most remote locations.

From legendary Moai statues, cryptic temples, tribal ceremonies and confetti explosions - prepare for an immersive experience like no other! The lineup is still under-wraps but Foreverland have a history of bringing together some of the most exciting names from past and present in bass music, so we can guarantee it'll be huge when it finally drops.


Walkabout Characters


Immersive Themed Décor + Props


L.E.D & Pyrotechnic Displays


Mythical Beast Puppeteers


Giant Inflatable Props


C02 + Confetti Cannons


Psychedelic Dip Body Painters

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