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After eleven cherished years of Cosmic Gate in The Box at Ministry of Sound, the previous twelve months will stand amongst their most memorable. Going ‘open to close’ for what was Nic and Bossi’s first time undertaking such a feat, plus setting sail for an unprecedented fifth time on the Thames for our ‘All Hands On Decks’ boat party series.

For this first outing of 2020, Cosmic Gate are joined by Jordan Suckley and Mark Sixma, both long-standing friends of The Gallery. Ahead of the party on 7th February, we asked each artist to select their favourite track for the Ministry of Sound main room.


Armin van Buuren – "Something Real" (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Cosmic Gate: We were super happy to be asked to remix this track by Armin and his team. Realised pretty quickly which vocal parts we wanted to focus on and things then fell into place from there – tweaking the melody and lead sounds. Mainly the bass parts and the drop to give it that signature Cosmic Gate sound! So it has a fun and singalong factor but on top its dark and edgy too – which will be perfect at The Gallery!

Jordan Suckley & Sam Jones – "Space Jam"

Jordan Suckley: My first release for 2020, which is one of MANY new tracks I‘m releasing this year! I’ve been road testing this one for months, it has an emotional chord progression - followed by the powerful drop which has been getting a huge reaction in my sets! I can't wait to play it at The Gallery for the first time!


Listen Here

Mark Sixma – "Adagio For Strings"

Mark Sixma: The one track that I’ll definitely play is my rework of "Adagio for Strings". This timeless classic by Samuel Barber has received a lot of famous remixes, including my own. After all these years it still gives me the chills and definitely a highlight in my sets!

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