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Valentine's weekend is upon us and all the singles are looking to pull.

If you're determined not to spend another Valentine's weeping into a Sainsbury's Basics lasagne with a West Coast Cooler, then you've only got a few days to go out and bag yourself a date. Luckily Valentine's weekend will see all the clubs packed full of singletons looking to score.

While pulling on a night out isn't always easy, it's certainly preferable to swipe rights and singles nights. So to help you on your quest to find a V-day bae, we've put together a foolproof guide to gettin' lucky.


Get An Eye-Catching Outfit

It's immeasurably important that your chosen outfit is both eye-catching and flattering. A good rule of thumb is the tighter and brighter the better.

Flash That Cash

What does everyone love even more than confidence? Money. Make sure everybody in the club knows you've got shit-tonnes of it. Ditch the wallet and carry around a fat wad of cash instead. Bonus points if you can stretch to a solid gold money clip in the shape of a dollar sign.

When waiting to be served, be sure to lean over the bar and hold out your wad of cash for all to see - bartenders LOVE when people do this and will undoubtedly serve you first. If this isn't getting you enough attention, feel free to just throw handfuls of fivers into strangers faces.

Act Like You Might Be A DJ

The DJ is king of the club, so it makes sense to act like maybe you are one. Be sure to hang around the DJ booth trying to get their attention. Go for a hi-five or a fist bump so it looks like you know them. Do this every few minutes to make sure everyone's seen. For added realism bring a crate of vinyl with you, or a pocket full of USBs with 'DEMO' written on them to hand out in the smoking area.

Play It Cool

ALWAYS ACT COOL. Find a good wall to lean against and vibe out to the music, maybe even bring a book to leaf through. It always helps your chances if you look like you have options and nothing screams 'hot property' like really obviously going on Tinder in a nightclub. So make sure you do this frequently.

Check Out The Smoking Area

The smoking area is a great place to get chatting to a future bae. Even if you don't smoke, be sure to make regular laps throughout the night, as you never know who you might bump into.

Do The Dance Approach

When someone catches your eye, whatever you do, DON'T just go up and talk to them. A smarter idea is to dance your way across the room to them. Think dad-at-a-wedding-strut-to-the-dancefloor... but SEXY. Pitch up beside your love interest and wow them with a cacophony of your best moves.

Really Let Loose

This is no time to hold back, you need to show them you know how to get down. Science has shown that there's a direct relationship between how outlandish a suitors dance moves are and their success rate. Two words: Break. Dance. Do flips, rolls, spins. Everyone else is a frigid wallflower, you're a titillating tornado of sexy.


Make Your Move

You'll know when the time is right.

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