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This November we celebrate our long-running international Gallery resident, Markus Schulz and his amazing Coldharbour Recordings label. The label, named after Coldharbour Lane in Brixton - where Markus' studio was located - back when the American was a regular clubber at Ministry of Sound.

That inextricable link means it is always an emotive homecoming whenever Markus plays The Box. So for this final London show of 2019, Markus has invited some of the most exciting artists from Coldharbour to represent the imprint. Nifra, Arkham Knights and Daxson will be doing London proud this coming Friday, but before that we got each artist to pick their essential tracks for The Box.


Artento Divini - "Overall Phased"

Markus Schulz: One of the essential tracks in my live sets since the beginning of summer. Since Tomorrowland, I have been using it often as an opener to the peak hour sets.

Nifra & Fisherman - "The New Breed" (Airwalk Festival 2019 Anthem)

Nifra: The track that I’m looking forward to dropping at The Gallery is my latest release "The New Breed.” It has everything, from the anthemic breakdown to a hard-hitting groove - that I’m sure the people on the dance floor will experience best on Ministry’s massive sound system.

Tiesto - "Traffic" (Arkham Knights Remix)

Arkham Knights: Last time we played at The Gallery, we dropped this and the crowd went nuts - it was an insane vibe at Ministry of Sound that brings back so many great memories.

Daxson - "Sonder"

Daxson: “Sonder” was given its debut at Ministry of Sound back in March by Markus Schulz. After being featured as an ID on the GDJB World Tour, it's been one of the most talked-about IDs of the year. Also, it’s exclusive on this year’s “In Search of Sunrise” series which is released the same day as Coldharbour Night at The Gallery. It's a special track for me and I can't wait to drop this on Friday.

Coldharbour Recordings Night at The Gallery with Markus Schulz, Nifra, Arkham Knights & Daxson is this Friday, 8th November, get tickets & more info here.


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