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Summer is here! Three months of park beers, festivals, BBQs, weddings and lunchtime pints. A summer well spent can be a costly affair, but don't worry, we've got your back.

This summer we're offering a fantastic group deal for all our Saturday Sessions shows. Three tickets for just £24! That means that for less than a tenner each, you and your mates can have a proper night out and still have some money left over for your cousin's neighbour's wedding, or whatever.

We want to help keep clubbing affordable this summer, and this is our way to keep you all dancing while shining the spotlight on some pukka local talent.

8th June

MistaJam | DJ Maximum | TCTS | Just Geo

29th June

Leon | Tini Gessler | AD:mE | Coeo | Theo Kottis

13th July

Amine Edge & DANCE | GW Harrison | The Menendez Brothers | LongPlay | Pillow Talk

10th August

Cedric Gervais | AD:mE | Extended Play | Hutch | Kid Fiesta | Ryan Winters

17th August

Fat Tony | Oneman B2B Secret Guest | DJ Ron B2B Secret Guest | The Menendez Brothers B2B Kimono Bros

31st August

Lovra | AD:mE | LongPlay | PaperMacheTiger | Golden Boy

21st September

Huxley | Sammy Porter | The Menendez Brothers | Jess Bays

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Managing Editor.

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