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For an island that is so vital to club music, Ibiza has produced surprisingly few local DJs that have become worldwide headliners. Danny Avila is one of those few. The Spaniard has been drawing staggering crowds at festivals and clubs in every corner of the globe for a number of years now. Avila literally grew up in clubland - famously celebrating his 18th Birthday in our very own DJ booth. Since we were in his neighbourhood for IMS, we decided a catch up was in order.


Hi Danny, great to finally meet you! You've had a huge 2019 already, with several hits under your belt and it's not even June! Can we expect a similar work rate as the summer approaches?

Danny Avila: I love releasing a ton of music. I’ve been so inspired by the gigs I’m playing and adapting that live energy into my music. Music is my life and my motivation is on a maximum level. So I’m definitely going to keep them coming! I have like eight tracks ready that will be released in the rest of the year 2019.


As we dive into festival season 2019, what has changed in your sets compared to last year?

Actually, I can’t specifically say "I have changed this" or "I have changed that“. There are constant developments and progress in music, production and performing. I’m following and changing with the crowd. So they’ll let me know what they want. It never stops!





How would you describe the dance music scene in Spain? How does it compare to the UK crowds?

It’s pretty different anywhere you go. I like the more chilled clubs in Spain, with open-air vibes. The clubs in London are more underground, bassy, darker vibes. Every country has its own dance music culture with unique characteristics.


Looking back at the last year, has there been one moment that stands out particularly for you?

Always difficult to really bring it down to one specific moment. There are great moments playing great shows like Tomorrowland or Untold in front of 75.000 people, but there are also great moments in private life outside of the whole DJ thing. And finishing a new track, playing it for the first time to test it and seeing that it works is also always a very great moment.


Do you have a dream venue/set that you haven’t yet ticked off the bucket list? Why do you say this one specifically?

Yeah, actually when I was at the Colosseum in Rome I was thinking it must be incredible to play a show there. But obviously, that's never going to happen haha.


You’ve achieved such big things at a young age, do you have any words of wisdom to pass onto any aspiring DJ’s about how they can reach the top?

Have an idea of where you want to be, and then work backwards. It’s a long way to go and involves a lot of hard work and discipline. Be patient, be focused, be nice and keep the faith in yourself and in what you do.



You’ve turned your hand to so many genres throughout your career; such as bass, electronica, big room and even trap, but where does your heart truly lie?

My heart lies with the music that fills an audience with energy at a festival. It doesn’t matter what genre it is. I love playing a banger that makes the crowd roar and that can be almost anything!


Finally, what is the next big step for Danny Avila? Got any exclusives you can share with us right now?

There will be a lot of steps! We’ve got great plans, unfortunately, I can’t reveal some of them yet, so I’ll keep my mouth shut! What I can tell is that I will release more music on my new label NUMB3R5 this summer. Make sure to follow me on my socials.


You’re no stranger to performing at Ministry of Sound, what are you planning on bringing to the table for the Spinnin’ Sessions London event on 6th July and what can you promise fans thinking of heading down?

A taste of what my live set is at the moment. You might even hear some exclusive material. I’m ready for another massive summer and this gig at Ministry of Sound with Spinnin’. See you all there, I can’t wait!


Danny will be headlining 20 Years of Spinnin' on Saturday 6th July, get tickets & more info here.


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