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All hail twenty-four years of The Gallery, an unprecedented achievement having dutifully served our city each and every Friday! To celebrate the undisputed reign as London's longest running weekly club night, please enjoy a celebration of your continued support over the years.

Vini Vici come gift wrapped and ready to partake in some birthday festivities. After making their Ministry of Sound debut in 2017, VV have since presided over two sell-out shows. Their booking for this prestigious event is a testament to The Gallery's enduring commitment to trance, the sound which is arguably our most cherished genre.

Here Vini Vici give five retrospective tracks especially to celebrate The Gallery’s 24th birthday.

Daft Punk - "Around The World "

Vini Vici: We are huge fans of Daft Punk and this is the song which made us fall in love with them...”

Robert Miles - "Children"

We are pretty sure this is the most beautiful melody ever written.

The Muses Rapt - "Spiritual Healing"

This is the sound track of our childhood.

Mr Oizo - "Flat Beat"

When you talk about funky beats, you must talk about "Flat Beat" by Mr Oizo.

Der Dritte Raum - "Hale Bopp"

Nothing better than "Hale Bopp" to take you on a magical journey.

Vini Vici will be playing at The Gallery's 24th Birthday on Friday 24th May, get tickets and more info here.

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