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A prized asset of The Gallery as an international resident, Markus Schulz is gearing up for an open till close adventure in The Box. Markus returns to London, the city where he built his studio on Coldharbour Lane that would go on to form the basis of his record label, Coldharbour Recordings. Last November, amid much excitement, Schulz debuted latest imprint Coldharbour Recordings Black - a platform for darker tracks, which feature heavily in the later part of the night. 

Here Markus picks five tracks, which act as a journey through the musical progression of open till close.

Layton Giordani - "Body Language"

Markus Schulz: This is an excellent choice when you are opening up in a solo set, and want to gradually increase the tempo and tension after weaving through some deeper progressive. It's a track that lets the crowd know that we have had a good warm-up and ready for the party to move up a gear.

Orjan Nilsen, Dennis Sheperd, Nifra & Estiva - "Cabin Fever"

I have been a fan of all four of these people in an individual capacity, and obviously Nifra works closely with myself and everyone at the Coldharbour office. She was part of a Trance Retreat along with everyone else on this track last summer, and they made it during their time there. Ever since debuting it at the Transmission Festival in Prague back in October, it has been in every single one of my live sets without fail. One of those tracks where the energy comes through a slow release, but is addictive at the same time.

Markus Schulz & Christina Novelli - "Symphony of Stars" (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)

My current single and one of the highlights of the peak hours in the current sets, with a lot of UK presence both in terms of Christina and Solis & Sean Truby. The original is quite chilled and the festival mix I did gives it a tougher edge, but Solis & Sean Truby were an ideal choice to give it that full, uplifting Trance treatment. It's actually going to be the first chance I have had to play this live in The Box.

Arkham Knights - "Fall From Innocence"

The influence and number of UK-based producers under the Coldharbour wing continues to increase year-on-year, and I think everyone there should be proud of these boys. They are bringing such a unique and refreshing approach to Trance, fusing Tech and Techno influences better than any other. "Fall from Innocence" is the title track of a huge five track EP that comes out on the same day as the solo set at Ministry of Sound, and it's the perfect track to transition from the end of the peak hours and signal the entry into the "Rabbit Hole".

Tony De Vit - "The Dawn" (Phutek Remix / Markus Schulz Afterdark Reconstruction)

I never got to see Tony play live, but heard and read enough stories about his legendary Trade nights in London to understand just how important a role he played in UK clubbing in the mid 90s. "The Dawn" has such a timeless melody that I was delighted to see it reintroduced to the fold with fresh remixes, and I added a bit of a melodic touch to compliment what Phutek had offered. It's a track fitting to be played everywhere, but to play it particularly in London will have a resonance more than any other city.

The Gallery presents Markus Schulz (open till close) at Ministry of Sound on 8th March, get tickets & more info here.

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