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A warm welcome back to The Gallery for Astrix, who returns to Ministry of Sound after a three-year hiatus!  However, even during this period of thirty-six months, we’ve not been bereft of the Israeli’s music – having been showcased by DJ cohorts such as Infected Mushroom, Avalon and Vini Vici.
A sign of the status in which peers regard Astrix, he arrives fresh from headlining a new ‘PSY’ stage at ASOT 900 festival – delivering a performance packed with unknown IDs and latest collaborations. Expect all to be lapped up by The Gallery faithful, especially those enticed by darker rhythms with a ‘Psy’ influence. Here Astrix reveals five tracks that have been on his mind lately.

Shpongle & Astrix - "Strange Planet"

ASTRIX: I was super excited to be part of the last Shpongle album ‘Codex VI,’ with a Shpongle and Astrix collaboration track “Strange Planet.” It was a dream come true for me to be a part of this project with Simon Posford and Raja Ram, who I admire personally and professionally. Simon is one of the most inspiring producers and musicians out there for a very long time and his music has always been very influential on me since the Hallucinogen days. Raja is truly a unique individual and a true prophet of psychedelic electronic music culture, he's 76 years young, and I can only hope to be so vibrant and sharp and creative as he is in his age.

Ace Ventura & Juno Reactor - "Ingonyama" (BliSS Remix)

A true meeting of giants. The mighty Juno Reactor's great track with my friend and ‘Alpha Portal’ partner Yoni Oshrat from the last ‘Ace Ventura’ album gets a super effective dance floor scorcher treatment from the super talented BLiSS. Pure dance floor mayhem here. Just released on Iboga Records.

J o h a n n - "Stranded" (The Delta Remix)

An oldie here, this classic released in 1997 on the legendary Blue Room Released RIP is possibly the ultimate full on full power dance floor destroyer. It manages to be both dark and mysterious and irresistibly happy, and has one of the best ever uses of electric guitars in a dance track. It had a huge influence on me and I still can't resist the urge to dance while hearing it. I also included it in my "Old Monsters" tribute mash-up.

Astrix - "Artcore" (Hi Profile Remix)

This track is the first release on my ‘Shamanic Tales Records’ label. It was actually supposed to be released on my old label Hommega, but after the death of Eyal Yankovich RIP, the heart of Hommega and the person that was my companion on my musical journey since the beginning, Hommega stopped working and I found myself having to spread my own wings. So this great remix by Hi Profile to the theme track from my 2nd album ended up being the first step in the Shamanic Tales path. 

Симптом(НЖН) - "Полуполоманый мир"

I actually listen most of the time to very different music than I play and write. And I always try to find new things and explore new directions and styles. For example, lately I have found myself listening to underground Russian Hip Hop. Symptom here is a good example. He hails from Ukraine and is truly underground, stays away from the media and concentrates on his music. Music is a great adventure and The Internet allows us to travel musically wherever we want and discover new worlds.

Astrix is joined by Eddie Bitar and Sholan at The Gallery on Friday 21st June, get tickets & more info here.

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