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During The Gallery’s illustrious twenty-four year reign, only a few artists can be regarded as genuine family members. However, both Paul Oakenfold and Judge Jules qualify for having earned legendary status. This Friday at The Gallery can be regarded as a true homecoming for two of The Gallery's favourite stars.

With Oakey credited for spearheading the night after a 1995 debut, Paul’s ethos has always remained true regarding the origins of trance as a genre. Jules is also held in equal regard for his sets which came hard, dark, but always with elements of fun. Ahead of this retrospective showcase with music sentimental to The Gallery, we re-count how Oakenfold and Jules first met and became friends.

Judge Jules

Paul Oakenfold - "Big Brother Theme"

Judge Jules: I first met Paul Oakenfold whilst doing acid house raves in the late 80s. He was a big pioneer of that movement and I was playing some of the largest raves of the time. Therefore it was inevitable that our paths would cross. Paul and I have played together many times over multiple decades and its always a pleasure.

In many ways the biggest record for Paul’s career would be the theme from TV show Big Brother. In that it lasted for fifteen years, was shown on the program in multiple different foreign versions and is instantly memorable. Whilst being a TV theme it’s still very typical of Paul’s style of the time in music-making.

Paul Oakenfold

Hi-Gate "Pitchin'"

Paul Oakenfold: I actually met Judge Jules many years ago now, I think it was somewhere in the ‘80s. He’s a wonderful man and we’ve shared many good times both in and away from the DJ booth.

I love the track he did together with Paul Masterson, and a fond memory of Jules’ when I’ve heard him playing it out live.

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